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How to Socialize a Shiba Inu
Published By Helium01 on 2012-08-26 36 Views

Socializing a Shiba Inu can be a hard and tricky thing. Especially when you have a Shiba as your first and only pet, bringing in another dog into your home will take a lot of work. If your Shiba Inu is a male, they seem to be more laid back and easy going. You will have an easier time socializing a male Shiba with another dog without too much of a problem.

If you have a female, you will need to be prepared for messes and many fights. Shiba Inu females are known for their fierce jealousy. Even having a new family member in your home, such as a baby, will send a female Shiba into a frenzy. They will show their dislike for your most recent addition very adamantly. This can range from all of a sudden forgetting how to be potty trained, not eating, to being overly clingy every time you try to move throughout the house.

Adding another dog to your home is a big decision by itself. If you do not take care in introducing this new addition to your Shiba Inu, the socialization process could take much longer than necessary. Be prepared for many setbacks throughout the course of socializing.

Before you bring home the new dog, have a place already prepared for the dog where he will stay for the next couple of days separated from your Shiba. This is so that the Shiba can get used to the scent of the new dog. Also, with the new dog in a different area, this shows that your home is still the Shiba's home. During this period, it is very important to make sure that your Shiba knows that he or she is still a very important part of your family. Giving him extra attention and a few extra treats would not hurt either.

After this short period, you can leave the two dogs around each other for increasingly longer periods of time under supervision. You probably shouldn't leave them alone, since the Shiba is a very dominant dog and will definitely try show dominance over the other dog. You will never know how the second dog will react. Fighting might ensue to the point of a vet visit, which is not good at all.

To get the dogs used to each other, some other ideas include taking them to a dog park to play or taking them on walks together. This gives them a neutral ground to be around each other so that neither of them will feel the need to defend their territory. Separate feeding areas, feeding dishes, and sleeping areas will also help them establish their place in your home.

Following these steps is not always the perfect way to socialize two dogs, but using them as a guideline along with common sense, should make the transition just a bit easier on you and your family.

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